August 12, 2016

Garage Door Installations



Garage Door Off Track

Garage doors can become off track for one of several reasons: Earthquakes, getting bumped, things blocking the door or from natural wear and tear. Our technicians can repair damaged tracks, balance and align your entire garage door system so that it is operating like new. In some cases it will require a new garage door installation.  Call State Wide Garage Doors Services now  and speak with an expert because we SPECIALIZE IN GARAGE DOOR SERVICES AND REPAIR!!

Garage Door Off Track - New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Off Track – New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installations 

There will always be a need for a garage door company if you have a garage door. Eventually there will be parts that need to be repaired or replaced or an emergency can come up. This is when you should always be able to count on State Wide Garage Doors.  We offer Garage Door Replacement / Installation and we have 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency garage door services. This means you can call us any time you need a garage door service. When you call us, we will send a garage door technician to your location right away. How’s that for service?

One of the main services that we provide our customers is Garage Door Replacement / Installation. This involves replacing door windows that are broke, replacing sections of a garage door or installing a whole new garage door.

Want a Garage Door Change? At one point in time, people only cared if the door worked or not. Nowadays they want their door to look nice and stylish. State Wide Garage Doors can make this happen. Call us today and let us get started!

State Wide Garage Doors supplies all different kinds of doors to choose from. After you decide what kind of garage door that you want, we will come out to your place- take off the old garage door and install a new stylish one. We have glass doors. Yes, glass. These are very popular and will make your garage the envy of the neighborhood. We have steel doors and aluminum doors. These are modern looking doors and will keep your garage well insulated. There are wooden doors for that traditional look.  Each of these types has many different styles and colors to choose from. We can help you will find the garage door you are looking for.

We even do repairs and maintenance on commercial garage doors . There is no job that is too big or to small.

At Statewide Garage Doors We have built up a great reputation and will do all that we can to keep it. We are professionals and will always do your garage door service / repair / installations with a smile on our face.  When we finish a job, we will not leave until you are smiling too! We are the only company to call when you need any door service done. Check out our website to learn all the great services that we provide.